Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gunung Irau - Introduction

Truth to be told, i never heard of Gunung Irau before. So does many people. :P Whenever i told people that i am going to Gunung Irau, the next question will be, where is it?

Gunung Irau is in Cameron Highland, Pahang. The nearest landmark would be Equatorial in Brinchang. Look for this road with that small sign saying "Gunung Brinchang 9km" and also that big sign on Sungai Palas Boh Plantation, Mossy Forest... etc.

Once up there, follow this sign.
Oh man...i gotta tell u.... the road is a bit narrow. At some part of the road, only 1 car can pass through. If you are used to the road at Feringghi Penang, then u can imagine driving a narrow road like that up a hill. (T_T) Nobody told us about this! So, the tips over here is make sure u bring a good car. The smaller the better i guess. :P Kancil FTW! Lowered2 sume tak mau naaa....

When u see this base camp, you are there!

Well, if you wanted to survey the place, then i would say go for it! As there is this really nicely built wooden walkway for those non-hikers to venture into the area. Really nice!

So now, next time u go to Cameron Higland, u know where to wander off...... ;)

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