Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Expect the unexpected

We had it all planned. 8am for departure.8.30am for rendezvous with M at McD Juru. Arrive early at Cameron for sightseeing. Check- In & get some rest. Meet up with hikers.

As the saying goes…. Kita hanya merancang…..

Just as we are approaching Simpang Pulai, the cassette player suddenly stopped, followed by the air cond. We thought to ourselves, “no radio and no air cond….hmmm… small matter”….. but then, as we were about to exit, guess what, signal is not functioning! JENG JENG JENG……. Still, we tried to maintain calm and agreed that we should not stop by the highway but after the toll instead. Luck is still on our side as we spot 2 Plus patrol men. I guess, it's the last straw of luck that we had as right after that, the car stalled.
Our heroes of the day managed to detect the problem, and the culprit is called alternator. ;(

Another saviour was then called.

We were then towed back to Tambun.

Where we were told to wait at a nearby restaurant while problem is being fixed.

Oh well...problem happens and most of the time what we should do is think positive, right?
30mins, 1hr, 1hr and 45mins......

Positive energy started to run out.

The mechanic has called for spare part from ~12noon....and it only arrived ~1.45pm. (T_T)

We made a few phone calls to consult our situation, whether we should stay or proceed with other options. In the end, we chosed to stay as it seem the best choice at that time.

culprit #1


Yes. There are 2 culprits. The 2nd one was discovered after the 1st spare part arrived. ;( Luckly, this one does not need to wait for long. In the end, all was fixed around 3pm.

Some would say that, when things started to go wrong, it's a bad omen.
But hey..... obstacles are meant to be overcome. ;) So, the journey continues.....

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