Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Maldives - Arrival

A new thing i just learned. Normally, even if i booked Malaysia Airlines flight with departure from KL, i will book the Penang to KL flight via Air Asia thinking it will be the cheaper option. But somehow with the Maldives trip, i tried to search Penang to Maldives, and i got the Penang to KL flight even a cheaper price! Mind you, at a point of time i managed to get a return tix of ~RM3k for 2 pax. But i did not book it straight away. The next time i tried, i've lost the chance. ;( note: the price below is for 2 pax.

So we arrived at 9.55pm. Another reason why i did not opt for the water chalet is because if we do so, we need to overnight at Male as the seaplane is only available in the morning. But to think again, i bet you will get  the best view if you take the seaplane, provided the weather is nice tho. So, it's actually really a one's call whether u wanted the holiday to be one in a lifetime and go all out or moderately enjoy your holiday with some budget planning.

Here's how it look like right outside the airport. straight to the jetty!

we reached our boat and quite happy to see it actually. It's really nice. Scroll down below to the bottom picture with me in it and you can see a Korean couple too. Little did we know that we will become friends later on. :)

Reached Kurumba and immediately i saw shark at the jetty! I can still remember the delightful feeling and how awesome it felt to be at such a resort. It's really surreal. We were given a dessert instead of welcome drink. It's made of coconut at really tasty!

Another surprise came in when we were told we got a free upgrade! Tell me, is it not every traveller's dream to get a FREE upgrade? Booked for Deluxe Room but got upgraded to Deluxe Bungalow instead. Cool.

To be continue........ Yet Another Surprise


Yasz said...

Aha..lamanye tak baca blog ni..rindu gitu..hehe.. how did u guys get the upgrade? is it bcoz u guys are newlyweds? I hope u made full use of the bungalow....hahaha

Zue said...

heyyyy..i miss writing too... hehehe. the upgrade is becoz part of the island is under rennovation. they normally do this during low season. hihi

oh yes...it's fully utilized. i like to use the outdoor shower. :D

Yasz said...

Wow wee..outdoor shower :) :)

mamaeesya said...

bestnya nampak hotel dia... sesuai sangat utk org pi honeymoon kan kan? hehe

Zara AB said...

OMG! I'm speechless!

Zue said...

gals...yup... veli nice for honeymun, and welcome zara ab to the blog. :)