Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi, my name is Zue.
I fall in love with travelling ever since my 1st ever backpacking trip to Singapore in 2006. Along the way, i continue to meet people who share the same passion. Thus, the never ending journey.Now and then, friends will ask for the trip information as a guidance to plan their travel which is the reason i came up with the blog as a medium to share the stories. The blog will also be very transparent in terms of budget being used. The budget varies according to the locations and travel partners. It is purely as a guidance for your budget planning. If you find better options or any idea, feel free to share via the comment section. ;)

Other than that, i might occasionally write on my other passions, reading, movies and eating. Especially Penang food!

If anything, i can be contacted at zuraini83ATgmailDOTcom.Have a Nice Day!

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